CPD Events

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Regular (offline) Events

DateCPSC CPD PointsTopicPresenterLocation
4, 11, 12 March17Narrative Pastoral Therapy In ActionHanda BlakeWestdene


DateCPSC CPD PointsTopicPresenter


DateCPSC CPD PointsTopicPresenterWebsite
Online5 + 3 (Ethics)Bereavement Counselling - An IntroductionDr. Nelia Drenthqualilifecare.teachable.com
Online 4Helping Grieving ChildrenDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online4Reality of SuicideDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online4 + 3 (Ethics)Pastoral Care Development: Introductory Psycho-Educational Support for Ministry CaregiversVISTA AcademyThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Online10Traumatic Incident ReductionDs. Louis Houghwww.tira.org
Online15CPD Structured Programmes 2023ICPwww.icp.org.za
Online15ICP Programmes Prospectus for 2022

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Online8Bereavement CounsellingDr. Nelia Drenth (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)qualilifecare.teachable.com
Online5Pastoral Care and Counselling SeminarDr. Charisse Le Rouxwww.charisseleroux.com
Online5 + 3 (Ethics)Cultural Competency And Spiritual Care in Children’s Palliative CarePatch SAwww.academy.patchsa.org
Online3Communication In Children's Palliative CarePatch SAwww.academy.patchsa.org
Online4Supporting Grieving Children In The Time Of COVID-19Patch SAwww.academy.patchsa.org
Online4Adhering To Ethics Made PracticalDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online4Gambling Deception and AddictionDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5 + 2 (Ethics)Embitterment in the WorkplaceDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online4Miscarriage and StillbirthDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online4Therapeutic Value of Art and PlayDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5Recovery and RevivalDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5Basic Trauma Support when working with ChildrenDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5 + 2 (Ethics)Cultural DiversityDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5Basic Trauma Support When Working With AdultsDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5Emotional First Aid for Trauma RespondersDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5Principles of Coaching and MentoringDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5Gender-based ViolenceDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za

Other relevant events not accredited by CPSC

Heartlines' Fathers Matter Films can help the troubled SA FatherhoodThe Heartlines Teamwww.heartlines.org.za/fathers-matter/films
Kom ons gesels: Dit is als in die gene!Dr. Christa North (PhD)www.oosterlig.co.za/wat-le-voor