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Regular (offline) Events

DateCPSC CPD PointsTopicPresenterLocation
1 April - 31 March 202220Die nommerpas kursus vir entrepeneurs en selfwerkskeppersDr. Jan Botha Dr. Retha KruidenierAlfa Pastorale Opleiding, Berading en Gemeenskap Sentrum
27 August4Moral InjuryStabilisMôregloed, Pretoria
17 September4TraumaStabilisMôregloed, Pretoria
22 October4The Slippery Slope Of Problematic Internet Use: Trivial Or Perilous?StabilisMôregloed, Pretoria
21 August4Die sesde fase van die rouprosesDr. Wentzel CoetzerStudente Hervormde Kerk
10-11 September5Die kind, trauma & vrees

Linda GroblerStudente Hervormde Kerk
15 October6Bereavement Counselling Techniques

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Dr. Nelia DrenthMôregloed, Pretoria
202220Gevorderde program in Pastorale Narratiewe Terapie (UP geakkrediteer) Coram Deowww.coramdeo.co.za/pastoral-narrative-therapy
22-23 October7Die gebruik van speel in die pastorale hulpverleningsproses van die kind na die dood van 'n ouer

Linda GroblerStudente Hervormde Kerk


DateCPSC CPD PointsTopicPresenterLocation
Online Introduction webinar, followed by Case based Training below:

2021/05/07 - Cycle 1
2021/06/01 - Cycle 2
2021/08/03 - Cycle 3
4Emotional Logic Course: How To Use Your Emotional Energy To Grow And Become UnstuckAnnette de la Portewww.growwithannette.co.za
Online workshop after Introduction webinar

Cycle 1
2021/05/14 - Cycle 1 Part 1
2021/05/28 - Cycle 1 Part 2

Cycle 2
2020/06/08 - Cycle 2 Part 1
2021/06/22 - Cycle 2 Part 2

Cycle 3
2021/08/11 - Cycle 3 Part 1
2021/08/25 - Cycle 3 Part 2
5Case Based Training Webinars On Emotional LogicAnnette de la Portewww.growwithannette.co.za
8-11 June
17-20 August
16-19 November
10TIR Workshops On ZOOMLouis Houghwww.tira.org
31 July
31 July
Trauma de-briefing Workshop
Suicide Prevention Workshop
Rev. Craig van WykThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


DateCPSC CPD PointsTopicPresenterWebsite
5 July - 12 September
20 September - 28 November
15ICP Programmes Prospectus for 2021

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Online 4Helping Grieving ChildrenDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online4Reality of SuicideDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online4Parents Who Are GrievingDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5Understanding Burnout And Aiding RecoveryDr. Charisse Le Rouxwww.charisseleroux.com
Online5Domestic Violence - Breaking The CycleDr. Charisse Le Rouxwww.charisseleroux.com
Online5The Power of Forgiveness Online Course
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Dr. Charisse Le Rouxwww.charisseleroux.com
Online8Bereavement CounsellingDr. Nelia Drenth (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)qualilifecare.teachable.com
Online6Online Stress And Trauma Wellness CourseDr. Charisse Le Rouxwww.charisseleroux.com
Online10Traumatic Incident ReductionDs. Louis Houghwww.tira.org
Online5Trauma Berading binne die Suid-Afrikaanse KonteksWentzel Coetzeracademy.wentzelcoetzer.org
Online5Bereavement and Palliative Care
Dr. Charisse Le Rouxwww.charisseleroux.com
Online10HospiVision Trauma CounsellingHospiVisionwww.hospivision.org.za
Online5Seminar On Suicide Prevention AwarenessDr. Charisse Le Rouxwww.charisseleroux.com
See prospectus15CPD Programmes 2021ICPwww.icp.org.za
Online4Miscarriage and StillbirthDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online4Therapeutic Value of Art and PlayDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5Recovery and RevivalDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online5Pastoral Care and Counselling SeminarDr. Charisse Le Rouxwww.charisseleroux.com
Online4Adhering To Ethics Made PracticalDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online4Gambling Deception and AddictionDr. Barbara Louwwww.aquilla.co.za
Online3Communication in Children's Palliative CarePatch SAwww.academy.patchsa.org
Online5Cultural Competency and Spiritual Care in Children’s Palliative CarePatch SAwww.academy.patchsa.org
Online6Bereavement Counselling TechniquesDr. Nelia Drenthqualilifecare.teachable.com
Online15ICP Programmes Prospectus for 2022

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